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New Disney Film is a Family Affair for Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s dark take on Sleeping Beauty, called “Maleficent,” doesn’t hit theaters until May of 2014 but fans were able to catch an early glimpse this week as the film’s first trailer was released. The movie tells the story of Sleeping Beauty from the villain’s point of view, showing audiences just what happened in Maleficent’s past that leads her to curse Princess Aurora, played by Elle Fanning. “Maleficent” also marks the film debut of Angie’s youngest daughter Vivienne, who plays Aurora as a child. The pretty blonde 5-year-old is a natural, a source told Britain’s The Sun. “Ange thought it would be a fun experience for her and Viv to share…The other kids are now nagging Ange and Brad to land them roles.”


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