New Efforts to Prevent Wide Span of Overdoses

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on the opioid crisis and preventing addiction and overdoses of painkillers. Now, the current administration wants to expand this discussion on spread the efforts to all types of overdoses. 

The main goal is to grant more access to programs to assist people with substance use disorders for more than just opioids. However, the plans expand beyond help after the addiction, but also how to prevent these addictions from happening. Whether they are doctor prescribed pain pills or narcotics received from person to person, they can all result in unhealthy dependence or even overdose. More careful handling can reduce the number of victims. 

Unregulated drugs have been one of the major causes of Fentanyl overdoses when a user does not know the content of their product. The effort to aid in this issue involves fentanyl test strips that will give people more knowledge of what is going into their body before the overdose happens. 

In regards to support options, treatment for addiction is expensive without healthcare, and those that attend are often portrayed as failures of society. Creating a healthier environment to ask for assistance can ensure dependent users feel comfortable getting the help they need for recovery. 

Biden’s budget has 10% reserved for addiction support services, to be sure that at least some effort is put into reducing overall overdoses. It may be a small step, but it is one in the right direction. Expanding this conversation beyond just opioids addresses some of the deeper issues of drug use. 


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