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New HBO Show ‘The Time Traveler’s

Based on the best selling novel by Audrey Niffenegger, ‘The Traveler’s Wife’ has turned
into a HBO hit show. Starring famous actors such as Theo James and Rose Leslie, the
show retells the story from the famous novel, taking us through the ups and downs of
being the wife of a time traveler.

The HBO series tells the story of Henry DeTamble, who is played by James, a Chicago
librarian who has a major secret…he can travel through time. When he comes across a
young adult woman named Clare Abshire, his whole world goes into a turn. Although
Claire recognizes him, Henry has no idea who she is. This is because future Henry was
the one who went back in time to visit Claire when she was a toddler. The Henry that
Claire meets in the middle of the library has yet to travel back in time and meet past

Claire tells Henry about their multiple encounters back when she was a child, and Henry
(who is in his late 20’s and is extremely immature) sits back and listens.

Now, who is the cast of this show? Like I said, the two main stars are Theo James and
Rose Leslie.

You might recognize James from hit movies like ‘Divergent’ and his early appearance in
‘Downton Abbey.’ Although James had already made his big breakthrough in the
‘Divergent’ movie series, ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ has put his name back onto

As for actress Rose Leslie, many viewers can probably recognize her as Ygritte from
‘Game of Thrones.’ Before her big breakthrough, Leslie played housemaid turned

secretary Gwen in ‘Downton Abbey,’ and was also seen in CBS legal drama ‘The Good
Fight’. In cinemas, Leslie has recently played the role of maid Louise Bourget in
Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Death on the Nile’

Although the show is slightly confusing with all the time travel involved and how past
Henry can travel in time to talk to current Henry, the show makes it easy to follow the

Still in its first season, the show has told the love story of Claire and Henry in a beautiful
manner. It shows the complications that come with being in love with a time traveler, as
well as how hard it is to actually be a time traveler. All in all, it’s a great show.


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