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New Mars Wrigley Candy Appealing To Impulse Buyers

One of the most popular candy-producing companies today, Mars Wrigley, is releasing new flavors of some of their products. President of Sales, Tim LeBel, stated that with the new run of products, the company “is more focused than ever on delivering on-trend product innovation, production, and packaging that drive sales and grow the total category.”

The new products include combining classic snacks with other iconic treats, such as M&M’s Crunchy Cookie (M&M’s mixed with chocolate chip cookies) and Snickers Cinnamon Bun (the nougat is cinnamon bun flavored). There’s also Twix Salted Caramel that has the original crunchy biscuit and chocolate coating, but this time with smooth salted caramel in the middle. For those who struggle with chewing Starbursts, they’re releasing new Starburst Airs, which are the same gummies but aerated so they have a lighter texture. Mars Wrigley is also expanding their collection of gum with new Extra Refreshers Fruit Mix that includes Strawberry Freeze, Tropical Mist, and Lemonade Chill.

All products are in stores now wherever you find your snacks, but be warned, most are already sold off and flying off shelves.

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