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New “Watercolor Tear” Makeup Trend This Summer

The world of beauty and makeup is constantly evolving, with new trends and techniques emerging regularly. One such captivating trend that has caught the attention of makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike is the watercolor tear duct eyeshadow trend. This innovative and artistic approach to eye makeup allows for endless creativity and experimentation, bringing a pop of color and a touch of whimsy to any look this summer, and according to Byrdie, it “was made for sad summer girlies.”

The watercolor tear duct eyeshadow trend is inspired by the fluid and ethereal nature of watercolor paintings. It involves applying soft, diffused, and blended eyeshadow shades to the inner corners of the eyes, resembling delicate washes of color. The effect is reminiscent of the tear ducts being adorned with a splash of artistic brilliance, elevating the overall eye makeup look.

You’ll be glad to know that sources assure it requires minimal makeup skills to apply, and this artsy look can vary depending on the intensity of your makeup appliances. It offers a departure from traditional eye makeup, allowing for unconventional color combinations and unique placements.

For a soft gradient look start by applying a light eyeshadow shade at the inner corner of the eye and gradually blend it outwards, creating a soft gradient effect. Use a fluffy brush for seamless blending.

For a bolder effect, perfect for a summer event, go for a multi-color wash. Experiment with multiple eyeshadow shades, layering them on top of each other to create a dreamy watercolor effect. Blend the colors together with a blending brush or your fingertips for a seamless transition.

Colorful accents are also sometimes the only thing you need. Just adding a pop of color to the tear duct area by applying a vibrant or contrasting eyeshadow shade. This technique can instantly brighten and uplift your eye makeup look.

And for glitter and shimmer, amp up the watercolor tear duct trend by incorporating glitter or shimmer eyeshadows. These light-reflecting particles will add a mesmerizing dimension to your overall look.

The watercolor eyeshadow trend is a captivating and imaginative approach to eye makeup that represents the ocean blue of summer, the blooming colors of warm months, and the vibrant feel of the sun during summertime.


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