NFL Playoffs

Between the national championship game on the college side and the divisional round in the NFL playoffs, you are going to need to reserve a comfortable spot near a TV for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The NFL playoffs are particularly intriguing this year, with games with a variety of great teams like the Carolina Panthers against the Seattle Seahawks. And legendary Peyton Manningagainst his former team the Indianapolis Colts.
Here is a look at the complete schedule and bracket information for the divisional round. So Head to your nearest sports bar, grab a beer and a large order of wings and enjoy this year’s playoffs as we countdown to Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday February 1st2015.
NFL Playoff Divisional Round Schedule
Matchup                      Date                             Time (ET)       TV
Baltimore Ravens at
New England Patriots  Saturday, Jan. 10          4:35 p.m.         NBC
Carolina Panthers at
Seattle Seahawks           Saturday, Jan. 10          8:15 p.m.         Fox
Dallas Cowboys at
Green Bay Packers        Sunday, Jan. 11            1:05 p.m.         Fox
Indianapolis Colts at
Denver Broncos            Sunday, Jan. 11            4:40 p.m.         CBS


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