Nine teens shot at Texas Prom After Party

Deputies with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call early Sunday morning of gunfire heard at home on County Road 263.  Nine teenagers were wounded at home, which was holding a prom after-party attended by roughly 250 people in southeastern Texas.  Many of the injured were transported to medical facilities by personal vehicles.  All are reportedly facing non-life-threatening injuries.  

Jasper City School district issued a statement in regard to the incident: “We first want to say our prayers are with those injured early Sunday morning in the shooting that took place north of town.  Jasper ISD is working with law enforcement in any way we can to aid in their investigation to bring these perpetrators to justice.”  

Furthermore, the school district promises to beef up law enforcement around the schools to add a layer of security for students and faculty.  

The investigation into the shooting is still in the early phases, with police remaining tight-lipped about specifics; however, a connection is being investigated between the after-party shooting and another shooting later that day, as reports seem to indicate that the same vehicle used in connection with the first shooting was seen at the second shooting.

Police did report that there were people of interest being questioned but encouraged citizens to call in if they had any tips that could lead to an arrest.  

This shooting is one of the most recent in a series of mass shootings gaining national attention; and adding a sense of urgency for lawmakers to enact some form of gun control/reform nationwide.  More than 11,000 deaths have been the result of gun violence this year, with 398 being teenagers and 71 being children. 


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