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On Hope Week, Yanks do what they do!

The Yankees may not be playing like we are accustomed to seeing them play at the moment however they never forget Thier responsibilities to Thier fans off the field.

Yes the number one priority is to win but ever since George Steinbrenner purchased the team in 1973 he always found it important to do the right thing for the people of New York.

To this day the Yankees continue to go out of their way to help our fans in any way possible.

By now everyone has heard of Gwen Goldman and her 60 year dream to become a Yankee Batgirl. I have to really commend Brian Cashman and the Yanks for following up on this even though the Yankees have not been playing well lately. They could of easily pushed it aside like I have seen other organizations do during times like this.

Another situation that arose was when a group of soldiers who are getting ready to be deployed to Iran came to New York to play in a golf event. Unfortunately the event got canceled and the soldiers asked if it was possible to attend a Yankee game. I asked Lonn Trost the Yankees Chief Operations Officer and like clockwork he came through for America’s true heroes. Our team President Randy Levine and of course the Steinbrenner family do so much for so many that I just couldn’t list it all , and to be honest with you they would not be to happy with me mentioning it. I will only say that I am very proud to work for Randy because I love his heart. It reminds me of the man that told us neighborhood kids in the bronx that we too are somebody. I know that the boss would be very proud of his family and all the people that work for the Yanks for keeping our brand glowing.

This is Hope Week and I thank our Bronx Bombers for always giving all people Hope.

As the great George Steinbrenner once said … We’re Yankees, It’s what we do !

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