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O’Neill and Curry tell it like it is with Swing and a Hit

Paul O’Neill and Jack Curry have hit it out of the park with their new book Swing and a hit.

It’s a must-read for the young players that dream of getting to the big leagues. It’s a great read for the older baseball fan that enjoys learning about past heroes and true baseball life. The message of having great talent yet still being insecure about Paul’s journey is great because it’s a normal feeling when you’re a kid in that situation.

As great as Paul was as a player it’s good to know that he had those feelings and was able to defeat them. It tells the young players reading this book that being a little scared is not always bad. Especially if you learn to make those emotions work in your favor the way Paul did.

His first day as a Major league player with the Reds is beautiful and yet emotional, especially with the fact that he gets a hit on his first at-bat.

I find it wonderful to hear about Paul playing for Pete Rose and Lou Piniella. Two managers that could not be more different yet had had such a love for the game of baseball.

I have not even gotten to the Yankee years and playing for the greatest owner in sports history, George Steinbrenner, and all the World Championships with his teammates by the name of Derek and Mariano and others.

Paul is a smart cookie because he picked absolutely the right guy to do this book with, in Jack Curry.

Jack truly captures O’NEILL’S voice but more importantly his heart.

Do yourself a favor and get your copy today.

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