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Op-Ed: Discover Weekly is Spotify’s Best Feature

I go in phases with music. The genre I listen to, how frequently I play it, the inspiration it gives me, and my desire to find more. At times, I cannot (and will not) turn my music off. It follows me after I remove the aux cord and walk from my driveway to my front door. It consumes my text messages as I’m constantly bombarding my friends and family with my ‘new favorite song.’ Said ‘new favorite song’ will be on loop for an entire week. And I mean, truly, on loop. The song will not end before I start it over again. It’s all fun and games until you’re a passenger in my car. This week, that song is Normal Girl by SZA. Last week, it was Space by Conch.

Other times, music just does not do it for me. There’s no happy medium. I’m either completely and utterly entranced, or I cannot be bothered to consume the media. I despise times like this as music is a driving factor of my inspiration and creativity. Music heals, boosts moods, bonds individuals, and reduces stress. I’m about as Type A as they come, so I desperately need that last benefit.

When I find myself in a music rut, I turn to Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature. It is without a doubt my favorite part of the app and the sole reason I refuse to make the switch to Apple Music. Well, that, and because of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. Sidenote- I’m sure Apple Music has their version of Discover Weekly, but I don’t care. Let me have this one.

My friends and I will seriously text each other, “Happy Discover Weekly Monday!” (Don’t judge, we live in Michigan. During the winter, we’ll take any excitement we can possibly get. Like your annoying aunt once said, it’s the little things!)

Every Monday, Spotify provides you with a new curated and personalized playlist full of 30 songs. The app describes the playlist as, “Your weekly mixtape of fresh music. Enjoy new music and deep cuts picked for you.” I’ve never met a Monday I didn’t like for this very reason.

Discover Weekly is a steadfast tool to lift me from a music rut and reinspire me. I already can’t wait for next Monday… who says that?! Thank you, Spotify, for making my Michigan winters slightly less agonizing.


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