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Op-Ed: Grey’s Anatomy Needs to End

Shonda Rhimes and Meredith Grey, I love you, but I can’t miss you if you don’t leave. After 18 seasons, it’s time to throw in the towel. Respectfully. 

If you haven’t binged the hit TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, during at least one point in your life, I simply don’t believe you. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all chosen sides between McDreamy or McSteamy (Big McDreamy fan over here). We’ve all mourned George’s death and Yang’s dramatic exit. We all rolled our eyes when Izzie couldn’t get over Denny (Granted, she did have cancer, but we didn’t know that at the time. Admit it, it was bizarre). We all died with McDreamy died, yet we’ve all simultaneously grown up with Zola. Richard is practically my grandpa and Bailey is my neurotic aunt. You can’t fight this, it’s the facts. And if you haven’t experienced this, I still don’t believe you, but sorry for the “spoilers”. 

The show went from being my bread and butter to being like bread without butter… dry, predictable, and just not good!

My final straw was season 17, the Covid season. Now, I love reality TV just as much as the next gal, but nobody wants to watch a whole season about a virus that we are living through. Hot take: save the pandemic for news stations and let us have this one escape. 

In a shocking turn of events that nobody expected (everybody expected), Meredith got Covid! Why wouldn’t she! After surviving countless insurmountable tragedies, of course she was placed on a ventilator. Oh, and of course, she survived that too! The only redeeming parts of the season were the beach scenes when we all reunited with McDreamy during a Covid fog. In my opinion, the series could have ended right then and there. 

Between Seattle Grace and Grey Sloan Memorial, the hospital has seen it all, and so has the on-call room. I can’t think of a rare disease, natural disaster, or dramatic scandal that has yet to play out on the show, but if Shonda Rhimes can possibly shock us in season 19, I tip my hat. 


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