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Organic beauty brand Sanoflore sold by L’OREAL

After celebrating its 90 years in the UK with a new headquarters in London, the organic beauty brand Sanoflore has been sold to Ekkio Capital and the founder of Inula Group by the French beauty company L’OREAL. 

Ekkio Capital is an investment fund that specializes in small and medium-sized companies in the health and beauty space. The Inula Group is a company that develops, produces, and distributes phytotherapeutic remedies. The group includes three separate brands such as HerbalGem, Biofloral, Pranarom, and now Sanoflore.

L’Oréal Group issued out a statement discussing their separation with Sanoflore.

“L’Oréal has a portfolio of complementary brands. The group’s strategy is to acquire and, sometimes, exit the brands to keep a very strong portfolio and the complementarity it needs to thrive over the long term,” said L’Oreal.

“The success of L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty is based on a strategy and a business model focused on brands prescribed by healthcare professionals,” said L’Oreal. “Under these conditions, the division has decided to focus on the dermatological brands in its portfolio.”

Sanoflore was acquired by L’OREAL in 2006 and had been in their Determatioogical Beauty division. According to the report, Sanoflore has record sales of €2.9m for its essential oil-based beauty products in 2021.  

Sergio Calandri, founder of Inula Group and the new CEO of Sanoflore, shared his excitement at the change.

“Sanoflore is now independent again, with new management, new shareholders, and new ambitions,” said Calandri. “We are delighted to welcome the research and formulation teams of Laboratoire Sanoflore who have developed a unique range of organic facial treatments.”


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