Organic clothing can save the planet!

Did you know that the clothing and fashion industries contribute to a third of greenhouse gas emissions? The clothing industry is one of the world’s leading contributors to carbon emissions due to how the raw materials are made, how the clothes are produced, their transportation and distribution methods, and of course how we dispose of them. Up to 85% of textiles go into landfills each year. Meanwhile, washing clothes releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean each year, which is the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. Textile dyeing is the world’s second-largest polluter of water since the leftovers from the process are dumped into water streams. 

This kind of information just makes you want to stop buying clothing at all once! So how can help the planet and still keep wearing amazing outfits? Well, it’s simple, we have to find new ways to reduce the carbon footprint, and the easiest way is by consuming organic clothing. 

Organic clothing is made from materials raised in or grown in compliance with organic agriculture standards, meaning without the use of chemicals in the form of pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful configurations. The clothing may be composed of cotton, silk, ramie, wool, or even hemp. Hemp is one of the most used cotton substitutes to reduce carbon footprint. Why you may ask? Hemp is environmental-friendly! It grows through rapid carbon dioxide uptake that can help reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. It also grows faster than cotton and it does not require pesticides, which amounts to fewer chemicals hurting the environment and less contamination for our waters and earth. IT’S A WIN-WIN SITUATION! There are many reasons why hemp is an amazing eco-friendly replacement to reduce the carbon footprint and many clothing brands have started to notice and take action. 

Brands are becoming more aware of how harmful the clothing production is to our planet and have started utilizing more eco-friendly production methods that include low impact dying, upcycling natural materials, growing organic pesticide-free cotton or even replacing it for a more sustainable material. If you are looking to make a change to a more sustainable life and style, here a few “made in the USA” brands who care deeply for our planet:

  1. Reformation 
  2. VETTA Capsule 
  3. Pansy 
  4. Mara Hoffman 
  5. Yoga Democracy 
  6. Tuckerman & Co
  7. Vegan Resort Wear 
  8. Arkins 
  9. Brook There 

Who said that you can’t be fashionable and still help create a better and healthier planet? The choice is in your hands, be the change our earth needs! #SafeEarth


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