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Pamela Anderson goes makeup-free at the 2023 Fashion Awards

Pamela Anderson continues her makeup-free style in a new appearance at the annual 2023 Fashion Awards in London. Anderson was one of the many award presenters and handed Michaela Coel the Pandora Leader For Change Award. Anderson wore a simple all-white outfit and tied-back hair that showed off her makeup-less look.

In October, the Baywatch star made headlines for her minimalist style during the 2023 Paris Fashion Week. Anderson briefly explained in a video with Vogue France her new style choice and expressed her surprise at the large reaction her appearance made.

“I didn’t really even think anyone would notice,” said Anderson. “I was doing it more for me than anything. I was just like, ‘Why am I putting so much effort into this? Why am I in a make-up chair for three hours?”

With how constrained makeup standards for actresses have been, Anderson sees this move towards a makeup freestyle as “freeing”.

“I don’t know, something just kind of came over me, and I was dressing in these beautiful clothes, and I thought, ‘I don’t want to compete with the clothes. I’m not trying to be the prettiest girl in the room. I feel like it’s just freedom. It’s a release,” Anderson continued.

Anderson explained the beginning of her make-up-free style in an August interview with EllE, in commemoration of her makeup artist Alexis Vogel, who died in 2019.

“She was the best. And since then, I just felt, without Alexis, it’s just better for me not to wear makeup.”


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