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ParaNorman is a wonderful thrill ride that will for the entire family

If you haven’t seen the trailers or read any info about “ParaNorman”, then here is the synopsis. This movie is about a small town that comes under siege by the undead and it’s up to a little boy named Norman to save them. Norman is the only person that can communicate with the undead. Norman finds himself fighting up against an evil ghost, witches, and the worst one of them all, the parents in order to save the town from a centuries-old curse. Let’s just say that the animation is incredible as well. With partnered directors Chris Butler (Corpse Bride & Coraline)and Sam Fell (Flushed Away & The Tale of Despereaux), their creative genius brings to life this wonderful character such as the main character, Norman Babcock (Kodi Smit-McPhee), the bully Alvin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and even My. Prenderghast (voiced by John Goodman himself). Don’t let this movie fool you with its cartoonish look to appeal to the young audience, it also has a good amount a horror threw in it to entice and scare the audience. With its mixture of family-like film, a lot of comedic moments for all ages, and some horror elements; ParaNorman turns into a wonderful movie experience that it is worth seeing in theaters and to purchase on Blu-Ray and DVD once it comes put.


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