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(Image courtesy of Patreon)

Patreon moves into livestreaming with Moment acquisition

Patreon, a subscription-based website connecting creators to their fans, announced its acquisition of livestream platform Moment on Tuesday.

The move comes as part of a broader project by Patreon to expand the tools and services available to creators, and “build sustainable businesses outside of paid memberships.”

“Now, with Moment, we’re bringing creators one more way to share their art with their biggest fans through ticketed digital experiences,” the announcement read.

While Moment is not the only acquisition by Patreon in recent years, it is the first outside of other subscription platforms.

“Patreon’s mission has always been to help creators take control over their work, deepen connections with their most passionate fans, and build successful, sustainable businesses,” added Jack Conte, Co-Founder & CEO of Patreon. “On the heels of releasing our new brand identity, mobile app, and a suite of creator tools, joining forces with Moment will further strengthen Patreon’s offerings for creators.”

Moment, founded in 2019 by CEO Arjun Mehta, COO Nigel Egrar and CTO Shray Bansal, is a ticketed digital events platform which has raised $13.5 million from investors since its founding. It has seen use by prominent artists such as Justin Bieber and Tame Impala to livestream concerts and similar events, and is cited in the Patreon announcement as “the number one digital events platform for artists and creators.”

“We built Moment to help artists and creators gather their global communities for premium live experiences while providing them complete control over creative and monetization,” the announcement quoted Mehta. “We are excited to join the Patreon team and deliver an even better, integrated experience to many more creators and their communities.”

The announcement concluded with a promise to seamlessly integrate the core features of Patreon and Moment to support the experience of both fans and creators.


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