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Pharrell Williams in as Men’s Creative Director for Louis Vuitton

Acknowledging a void in the wake of Virgil Abloh’s passing, artist, producer, and all-around trendsetter Pharrell Williams has been tapped as Men’s Creative Director for Louis Vuitton’s brand.  

Citing two previous collaborations (2004 and 2008) between the fashion superpower and Williams, LV CEO, and chairman Pietro Beccari stated, “His creative vision beyond fashion will undoubtedly lead Louis Vuitton towards a new and very exciting chapter.”

Pharrell’s appointment is yet another milestone in a highly successful and expansive career for the 49-year-old multi-talent.  

Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, his love for music quickly led to an early 90s breakout as the face of the band/production group N.E.R.D; and, eventually, The Neptunes.  Since the early 90s (scoring early success writing Wreckx-N-Effect’s Rump Shaker), Pharrell has worked with the absolute who’s who of the music industry.  Jay-z, Nelly, Timbaland, Britney Spears, Lil Uzi Vert…the list could occupy the body of a separate article.  

Outside of music, numerous big screen appearances and television roles are just a small summary of the breadth of Williams’ reach across genres and mediums.  

Pertinent to his new role with Louis Vuitton, Pharrell has owned and operated the brand Billionaire Boys Club, and its sister company, Ice Cream, since 2003.  Billionaire Boys Club is a collaboration between Williams and iconic Japanese streetwear designer Nigo.  

Outside of his own brand and previous collaborations with Louis Vuitton, he has worked with many of the very best in the fashion industry to create inspired pieces.  From a fragrance with Comme des Garcons; to luxury handbags with Moyat; to several collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld; to a sunglasses collaboration with Tiffany & Co in the works, Pharrell is brimming with ideas that could push Louis Vuitton forward.  

Also of note is his concern with fashion’s sustainability, which has been a hot-button issue in the industry, challenging artists and brands alike to be just as conscious about the materials they use (as well as their longevity) as they are concerned with how they use them.  

Pharrell’s first looks as Louis Vuitton’s creative director will be on full display in June during Paris’ Men’s fashion week.


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