Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Politicians Fight About the Homeless While Guardian Angels Care for Them

THE POLITICIANS CONTINUE TO BLAME ONE ANOTHER FOR THE HOMELESS SITUATION. There are more now than ever before. Many are sick and ill from a variety off illnesses. Some are in wheelchairs. 2 that I examined were showing signs of having Gangrene. We feed them, wash them down and tend to their wounds. The city and state have closed the public bathrooms. As a result they are defecating and urinating in the subway system. Some are severely emotionally disturbed. They are a danger to themselves and to everyone else. They are now relegated to picking for food scraps from garbage cans where they are having to fend off rats. Their biggest need is water. There is no where for them to get water. The officials have forsaken these forgotten people. We have not. We will continue to care for them both in the subways and streets every day. We give them food, snacks, water, wipes and masks in the Care packages that we hand out.


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