Coronavirus (COVD-19) Whitehouse Press Briefing??

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Earlier today President Trump held a press briefing including members of the Corona-Task Force regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and actions being taken by the American government to provide citizens with a means of medical combat. During this briefing, President Trump focused initially on efforts made to bring home Americans who have been held hostage abroad rather than the COVID-19 outbreak, stating –

“The United States has no higher priority than the safety and well being of our citizens, we’ve gotten a tremendous number of hostages out as you know”. Not to belittle the importance of the effort being made by the American government on the issue of foreignly imprisoned Americans, but the relevance of this topic at a press briefing about COVID-19 and the efforts being made to find a treatment for it are unclear. 

While headway is, in fact, being made in the efforts to provide a safe treatment for this virus to the public, the question remains…Where was this sense of urgency when the outbreak began months ago? With the first case being detected mid-December of 2019 and the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) not declaring a public health emergency until January 31st, more than a month later. 

Once President Trump had moved past boasting his progress with foreignly detained American citizens, he began on the topic of COVID-19 with this statement – 

“It’s too bad because we’ve never had an economy as good as the economy we had just a few weeks ago”. Solidifying the speculation that President Trump does not have his priorities aligned with those of the average American, and may instead be more concerned with his chances at re-election. 

By Gennaro Sirianni

Dr. Hector Castillo:
A Man Who Stands with the People

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Dr. Hector Castillo is a licensed medical doctor, ophthalmologist, immigrant, and true family man running as a Republican candidate for election to the U.S. House to represent New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District. Castillo declared candidacy for the Republican primary on June 2, 2020.

Some of Hector’s stances include:

Bringing back Tax Dollars from Washington D.C: “…I plan to work together with Congress and the President to ensure that New Jersey gets what it pays for in federal tax dollars. My mission is to work on legislation that will increase the amount of federal tax dollars available for social and governmental projects, working with NGOs, religious, and community groups to plug up the cracks in our broken tax system.”

We need to work with our President: “Today, New Jersey, a majority of Congress, and Senators are decidedly run by the Democratic Party. We have seen them interfere in our Presidents’ initiatives, denying the American People a country that will stay Great for years to come. Working with our Senate and with President Trump will increase the viability of our state’s economy, just as the President has done for the nation.”

Focus on Healthcare for the American people: “As a licensed medical doctor, I have worked with insurance in the medical field all my career. The ACA has failed to alleviate any of the problems that I have personally seen as a practicing doctor for over 30 years. If elected, I want to work on legislation that will allow for a more streamlined medical insurance program, which adopts on our national insurance model, Medicaid. A Medicaid for all low-income families will help millions of working-class Americans, provide relief to small businesses, and give peace of mind to New Jersey families.”

To get to know the real Hector, it’s important to know that he immigrated to the United States at 11 years old. As the son of Peruvian working-class parents, Dr. Castillo worked his way through high school and graduated with honors from John Paul VI High School at the age of 16. He decided to work towards becoming a doctor and attended Seton Hall University, receiving a B.S in Biology and a B.S in Chemistry. He later received a Master of Administrative Science from Farleigh Dickinson University. After attending medical school and serving his hospital residency at Harlem Hospital for Columbia University, Dr. Castillo opened his first office in Paterson, New Jersey, to serve the Spanish speaking communities of one of New Jersey’s largest cities and opened another office in Oakland, New Jersey. He now lives in the community he’s served for many years, Paterson, with his loving wife Mina and their seven children.

Through his work in the community, Dr. Castillo became in touch with many different members of the city, listening to their concerns with an open mind. In 2009, Dr. Castillo was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and needed emergency surgery to correct his vertebrae which had deteriorated to almost nothing. He recovered after 6 months with a new lease on life and was determined to be the change that he has tried to realize over his more than 30-year career as a Medical Doctor.

Throughout his life experiences, Hector has been driven by politics to show how he has taken advantage of the opportunities this country has given him and to fight for the opportunities of others. Hector’s political career began in 2005 when he ran for Governor of New Jersey as an independent but lost to Jon Corzine. After his life-threatening diagnosis in 2009, his resolve became even stronger to make a difference for his community and so he ran as a 2013 Republican candidate for District 35 of the NJ State Senate followed by a 2016 run for election to the U.S. House to represent the 9th Congressional District. Whether it’s his career, his family life, or politics, Hector refuses to give up in order to serve others and is looking forward to the upcoming Republican primary in June to continue to stand with the people.

To learn more about Dr. Hector Castillo, visit castilloforcongress2020.com

By Sarde Gumalo