POP! The Little Kernel

Now that winter is officially upon us and temperatures have dropped dramatically, it is that time of the year again to stay home and spend time with loved ones. What better way to spend these cold winter nights watching a movie with your significant other, drinking hot cocoa, and of course POPCORN! Now, you could reach for a box of Orville or Act II and spend more time picking popcorn out of your teeth than actually watching the movie. Or…you could reach for a bag of The Little Kernel popcorn. Jacqueline Laurita and Chris Laurita of the Real Housewives of New Jersey have created a truly special popcorn brand that will send your tastebuds soaring! Health freaks will be thrilled to know that The Little Kernel popcorn is Non-GMO, whole grain , low in sodium, dairy free, and is cooked in 100% pure olive oil. You may be wondering what makes this brand different from the rest? Why choose this popcorn over the others? When asked these questions, Mr. Laurita explained, “The biggest difference from most other popcorns is the mini kernel we use which is roughly half the size of a regular popcorn kernel. When it pops it’s virtually [hull-less] so it’s rare that you would get anything stuck in your teeth. We’re also committed to giving back to those in need. Our initiative…is to give a portion of all sales to Generation Rescue. An Autism charity that is near and dear to our hearts.” Let me tell you guys something…this popcorn is to die for! I recently had the opportunity to try the “truffle sea salt” flavor and I can promise you it was THE BEST popcorn I’ve ever had. In total, there are six different flavors to choose from: naked no salt added, truffle sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, white cheddar, sweet & salty, and last but not least butter. The best part of The Little Kernel brand is their effort to support Generation Rescue the site explains, “A portion of all of their proceeds goes towards helping provide hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.” The Little Kernel has become a staple in movie night for my family. If you’re looking to get your hands on The Little Kernel, Mr. Laurita says, “The Little Kernel is currently available in Sprouts Markets, Mariano’s, Roundy’s, Giants, Westside Markets & many specialty stores in NY & NJ…Stop & Shop, Foodtown, and Shoprite….” Try all the flavors! Jacqueline and her husband Chris are also known for their BLK flavored water.


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