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President Biden Honors American Troops Killed in Afghanistan

On Sunday the remains of the 13 U.S soldiers, who were tragically killed in the suicide attack in Kabul, arrived back in the states for burial. The Dover Airforce Base in Dover, Delaware was abundant in commemerance as fellow service members, government officials, and loved ones honored each soldier as they were delicately being carried across the tarmac. 

Everyone grieved as the “dignified transfer” (a somber military ritual of receiving the bodies of troops who died in foreign combat) movement unfolded. President Biden can be seen lifting his right hand over his heart as each soldier passes by. Biden was also accompanied by his wife, and the First Lady, Jill Biden. 

The President and First Lady met with the families of the fallen soldiers in solemn privacy before being transferred to Washington. The age range of the deceased soldiers were from 20-31. To put into perspective, Five of the soldiers being 20 years of age don’t remember the September 11, 2001 attacks as they were born a few weeks prior. 

This was the war that prompted the United States to invade Afghanistan in order to capsize al Qaeda and dismantle its Talaban leaders who ran the country. Prior to the Sunday service, Biden spoke on the brave efforts of the following soldiers on Saturday. “The 13 service members that we lost were heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice in service for the highest American ideals while saving the lives of others.” President Biden Stated. 

According to CBS News, A grieving mother shared the last words of her son who was amongst the 13 service members who passed away. Her son was a 22 year old Navy corpsman who expressed to his mother in what would be his last Facetime call for her to not worry and that he would stay safe as “my guys got me.” They will truly be missed.

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