President Biden Tests Positive For Covid-19

This morning, President Joe Biden has announced that he tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, experiencing mild symptoms and quarantining currently in the White House. While Biden is 79 years old, putting him at an increased risk for more extreme side effects, he has stated that he is quadruple vaxxed, receiving both doses of the vaccine as well as two booster shots. Luckily, President Biden does not seem to be too affected by his positive diagnosis, sharing that he will remain isolated until next Tuesday and will use this time to “get a lot of work done,” considering he had to cancel a scheduled trip to Pennsylvania this week. Currently, President Biden has no fever, and it has been shared by the President’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, that he has a runny nose, fatigue, and an occasional dry cough. 

In 2020, there were mixed reactions when former President Trump shared that he and his wife, Melania, both tested positive for Covid, with Trump being especially immunocompromised. However, despite Joe Biden’s age, his extreme vaccination precautions— which were not available yet in 2020— will most likely protect him completely, allowing him to get over this illness within the week. Reports mentioned that his last negative test was only two days ago on July 19th, as he visited Massachusetts to talk about climate change at a closed power plant. Therefore, it is not confirmed where the President may have contracted the virus, but it is a relief that he seems virtually unaffected by it as of now. 

Vice President Kamala Harris, who is much younger at age 57, tested negative this morning alongside First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Only one other person within Biden’s immediate circle, a mid-level West Wing aide, has tested positive, allowing the Vice President to continue with her duties for the rest of the week as the President quarantines. At this point in the pandemic, while the virus is still heavily prevalent within the US, those who have gotten fully vaccinated and boosted have an extremely low risk of death from Covid-19, with the worst symptoms consisting of fever, dizziness, and fatigue. While some have pointed out the hypocrisy of Joe Biden for claiming that the vaccine “prevents infection” when he is now sick with Covid, anyone with common sense can see that vaccines save lives and prevent extreme symptoms from occurring in individuals. 


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