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President Biden To Address His Administration’s Response to Hurricane Ida

This past Sunday, Hurricane Ida made landfall and ransacked through the Gulf Coast before leaving behind treacherous flooding and tornadoes throughout the Northeast. Subsequent to hitting Louisiana on Sunday, Ida is now noted as the fifth most powerful storm to strike the U.S with maximum winds of 150 mph (240 kph). These winds will likely cause tens of millions of dollars worth of damage. It is estimated that the damages could exceed $50 billion.

The remnants of the storm affected parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Devastating rainfall guzzled these areas resulting in massive flooding and power outages. More than 1 million homes and businesses located in Louisiana and Mississippi have remained without power. Hurricane Ida pummeled a major transmission tower that knocked down miles of power lines and substations. About 14 people were killed and dozens of transit systems were disrupted.

Many took to their twitter accounts to show videos of the hurricane affecting their area. One account uploaded a 13 second video where water can be seen rushing through by the gallons consuming their home. Located in Brooklyn, New York, The user was still standing in the middle of their home as they panned the camera around. The flooding waters covered each square footage of the home and essentially trapped them inside.

The secretary of State, Jen Psaki, states that the president “absolutely would not” visit Louisiana if his presence would take away from relief efforts. Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards welcomed Biden and assured his presence won’t be a problem. “There’s nothing quite like visiting in person. When you see it for yourself, it is just so much more compelling.” Edwards spoke to reporters on the aftermath of Ida. President Biden is scheduled to address the nation on his administration’s response to Hurricane Ida this morning. He will also be visiting Louisiana this Friday to assess the damages and speak with local and state leaders.


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