Putting Wigs’ Stigma to Rest

Almost everybody at every red carpet is wearing a wig (or extensions), and rightfully so. Why should a celebrity dramatically restyle their hair for every single high profile event that comes their way? 

Why should YOU have to? The majority of people don’t have the resources to hire a professional hair stylist, or can afford a wig that flawlessly mimics the flow of natural hair.

Truthfully, they shouldn’t have to. A wig should be allowed to look like a wig without it being ridiculed. There is no need to take out a magnifying glass and examine somebody’s hairline because it looks “suspicious.”

For the life of me, I can’t find the humor in ripping a wig off of a person’s head as a way to humiliate them. You could comfortably throw on any other accessory, so why not be able to throw on a wig on days that you don’t feel like doing laborious styling.

And it’s the groups farthest away from the Eurocentric beauty standard that suffer the most. Afro hair is pressured to be manipulated and heavily styled the most out of all hair types, yet ultimately stigmatized when it’s put under a wig. 

People experiencing hair loss are not only criticized, but are also ridiculed for wearing a wig to cover their alopecia. There’s backlash when a person chooses not to comply with the beauty standards, even more so when they align themselves further with them. The situation is a lose-lose. 

Wigs are fashionable! People can choose dramatically different styles in a short period of time. They allow even more flexibility in a person’s wardrobe, and should be embraced. Let people prioritize their style, hair health, and mental health without being laughed at.

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