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Virgil Abloh must be all smiles as of late. His clothing company, Pyrex Vision’s, newest collection called “Youth Always Wins” has been buzzing around the Internet a lot this past week and there are several superstars to thank for that. Interestingly, Abloh entitled his promotion video “A team. What sport?”, using the ever-on-the-rise outsiders of Harlem, A$AP Mob to model the clothes. A$AP Rocky, leader of the A$AP mob, is known for his fashion prowess, and has fans on the edge of their seat anticipating his next influential move, so it was a true win for Abloh when Rocky was seen sporting one of Abloh’s “man dresses.” That’s right…a dress for a man…worn by a rapper. Somehow, Abloh then got a second boost when the omnipotent Kanye West wore a Pyrex design. Kanye is a beacon of outlandish fashion sense and already a TMZ favorite, so when he decides to wear your newest line at a Hurricane Sandy Benefit Show that was boadcasted live from Madison Square Garden to an estimated 2 billion people, no one is going to miss it. That’s exactly what happened two weeks ago when Kanye wore Abloh’s leather “man-skirt”, and ever since this trend has been the newest topic of discussion in the hip hop-fashion community. Will this trend get picked up by the masses or should it be left to the Kanye’s of the world? The most pressing question is how do we feel about entertainment’s toughest and roughest men wearing women’s clothes? What do you think?


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