Underground Artist of the Month for April 2021


queen mars is a Chicago-born singer-songwriter whose debut EP “trust issues” will be available April 9th and our pick of the month for underground artist. The artist dubs her genre as “kaleidoscope pop” with influences from artists like Lana Del Rey, Sia and Skylar Grey.

She began making music when she was a child, beginning with a gifted keyboard from her Grandmother. She is mostly self-taught and extremely involved in every aspect of producing her music. She writes on her website that her foundation as an artist comes from the duality of her upbringing. “I am literally the product of opposites,” she writes.” With two sides of my family falling on opposite sides of the midwestern spectrum.”  She continues, “This exposure to duality has made me obsessed with representing the complexity of life. I want to show that there is congruence in contradiction. Where others hear dissonance, I hear harmony.”

The single “BOYS LIKE YOU” from her upcoming EP has been released with a video and is an emotional dive into past relationships and toxic behavior. She uses her music writing as a way to look back on her feelings and confront them from a stronger and more vulnerable place.  Her sultry voice and R&B style rhythms embody the emotionally raw words she’s singing and create a unique and intoxicating sound.


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Queen Mars

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