Rave with Integrity



*Who inspired you and why?
I’ve had many inspirations over the last decade, but I’ve been most inspired by some of the original New York City rave DJs which include DJ Gonzo, X-Dream, and The Dever, to name a few. They introduced me to music that I never heard before. As someone who always gravitated to hard and aggressive sounds, for me, these guys showed me another level of sound that spoke to the mind, body, and soul.
*How did you start out?

After a period of time as a fan of rave culture, I decided to get involved. I considered the culture to be in turmoil after increased negative media coverage and infighting between different groups. Turned off, I purchased a pair of turntables and planned to keep the music in my home because, at the time, I didn’t have a lot of motivation to go out.

*What made you choose the name integrity?
I chose the name “Integrity” because I wanted to bring integrity back to rave culture through quality music and positive influence. I wanted to showcase the positive attributes of rave culture and lead by example.
*Is there a favorite dj you like battling and why if so?
I prefer to perform alone primarily because it allows me to express myself as an individual. However, I enjoy battling with DJs who are close friends and have a similar vision for music. They include The Mannchild from New York, Artemis from New England, and Rextc from Delaware.
*How long have you been in the music business?
I’ve been actively involved for about twelve years now.
*Do you have a full time job on the side and if so how hard is it to keep up with being a dj and holding a full time job?
I maintain a full time job in healthcare and, yes, maintaining a balance between the two is difficult. In order to stay relevant, I must find time to both acquire new music and develop myself as a DJ and producer.
*Do you ever think you will stop spinning?
Considering rave and DJ culture have been a part of my life everyday for all of my adult life, it’s difficult to think of my life without it. I plan to continue to be involved until I feel the journey is complete.
*Do you travel often and if so do you enjoy playing in other states?
I travel fairly regularly. I very much enjoy playing in other states because it allows me the opportunity to reach new demographics and have new experiences.
*Are the crowds in the other state different then the crowds in N.Y.?
Yes. People from different parts of the country generally have their own unique set of characteristics. Same goes for the rave crowds. However, all share the same love for rave culture. Though, perhaps the rest of the country is a bit friendlier than New York City.
*what are your  plans for the future, upcoming events,  do you have any advice to those trying to make it spinning. would you like to make shout out/words to fans out there.
My plans for the future primarily include original music production and expanding my reach throughout the country.

My advice to upcoming DJs is to remain humble, learn about the history of rave culture, and put in the work to master your craft. Be a good representative of rave culture and electronic dance music. I want to say thank you to Hardmind Productions, the original crew that gave me my start, Drumasheenz who have supported and guided me along the way, and Groove Therapy Artist Management who supports me today and pushes me to become a better DJ and artist.


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