Reasons to Switch to Magnetic Lashes

Whether you wear false lashes every day, only on special occasions, or you still haven’t tried them yet, you should consider magnetic lashes for your next use. Although it is the norm to wear strip lashes, the perfect set of magnetic lashes will change your makeup experience. 

One major reason to make the change is that you won’t be losing eyelashes anymore. When you apply glue to lashes over time you will notice a significant loss of your natural lashes. If you ever wanted to take a day off and just wear some mascara, you won’t have enough to apply it. You might have to wear false lashes every day, or just wait for them to grow back. Magnetic lashes allow more usage as you will get 15 to 20 wears with each pair.

The magnetic lashes are to be applied with an adhesive liner. The magnetic liner will not flake into your eyes unlike regular lash glue. Surely if you’ve used glue, you’ve experienced the pain of trying to blink the glue out of your eyes. However, when the magnetic liner dries, it stays in place until you take it off. The adhesive liner also comes off with make up remover, saving you from harmful scrubbing. 

If you’ve tried magnetic lashes, you may be concerned that they do not stay on as well as glue lashes. This is an easy fix. Some tips: scrape any liner stuck to the magnets off between uses, let liner dry completely before applying, and ensure that the eyelids are clean and dry before the makeup routine. These should ensure an all-day hold.

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