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Reproductive rights shouldn’t be a debate; it should be legal to protect women (Op-Ed)

No one can dispute the importance of reproductive rights to women’s health and independence; they are basic human rights. One of these rights is the autonomy to choose one’s own reproductive and bodily health care without governmental intervention. Reproductive justice has recently been in the spotlight because of the Supreme Court hearings on Idaho’s abortion prohibition, drawing attention to the urgent need to safeguard women’s access to legal abortion services.

The fundamental principle of reproductive rights is that women should have the freedom to decide for themselves how many children to have and how far apart they should be spaced. This includes the availability of legal abortion, safe birthing, contraception, and prenatal care. The right to privacy, health, and freedom from violence are among the many human rights that are violated when abortion is illegal.

Legal limitations do not stop abortions from happening; individuals continue to seek out abortion services, sometimes using dangerous techniques that put their health and lives at danger, even in nations with stringent restrictions on the procedure. The elimination of the need for abortion is not achieved by limiting access to it; rather, it causes people to seek out dangerous alternatives, which in turn causes avoidable injuries and fatalities.

People of color, youth, and those without adequate healthcare access are among the most vulnerable populations to the negative effects of restrictive abortion legislation. Already marginalized communities are further isolated by these policies, which worsen preexisting inequalities. Not only does criminalizing abortion do nothing to curb the practice, but it also reinforces prejudice and stigma, especially toward women and people who seek out abortion services.

Ensuring the availability of safe abortion services is an important concern for both reproductive rights and public health. Healthcare practitioners are unable to offer necessary reproductive healthcare due to restrictive abortion regulations, which often results in subpar treatment and negative outcomes for patients. The denial of essential healthcare services to already-vulnerable minority groups is just one more way these laws exacerbate structural inequities.

The freedom to procreate is a fundamental human right that must be preserved and safeguarded. Without discrimination or pressure, all people should be able to access comprehensive reproductive healthcare, which includes safe and legal abortion treatment. Protecting women’s freedom to choose is critical to achieving gender parity and social fairness. It is also important for women’s health and autonomy. Every person has the right to know what’s best for their body and their reproductive destiny, and we must honor that right. 


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