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Rising star, Jonathan Majors, hit with order of protection ahead of court date

Breakout actor, Jonathan Majors, continues to combat charges of assault and harassment, following an incident on March 25 that led to the actor’s arrest.  Now, the alleged victim has been granted a full temporary order of protection against the actor leading up to his first court appearance.  

The order makes it a breach for either party to contact one another, even through a third party, until Majors’ May 9th court date.  

The charges of assault and harassment stem from an alleged dispute between Jonathan Majors and a 30-year-old woman.  New York police responded to a 911 call related to the incident and took Majors into custody for strangulation, assault, and harassment.  The woman was taken to a nearby hospital, and treated for minor injuries to her head and neck.  

Majors’ legal team have denied any wrongdoing by their client, and have released video and text messages related to the case in hopes of strengthening their case against the alleged victim.  

In a statement to Variety, Majors’ attorney, Priya Chaudry, said “We have been transparent and cooperative with the District Attorney, including giving the District Attorney ample evidence, including witness statements, of Mr. Majors’ innocence. In fact, we recently provided a forensic medical opinion from a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Doctor and Trauma Specialist who has examined the photos and videos of the woman and concluded, without hesitation, that the woman did not have any injuries at the nightclub and the injuries she later sustained did not come from Mr. Majors (and could not have come from the way the woman described),”.  

Emboldened by this evidence, Chaudry put an exclamation on the proclamation of her client’s innocence: “In fact, the forensic medical expert’s opinion shows that the woman is lying. It is disturbing that even when presented with this incontrovertible evidence, the District Attorney continues this false case.”.

The blowback for Majors has been swift.  Multiple alleged victims have come to provide their own separate accounts of past misconduct, and Majors has been dropped by both his management and publicist. 


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