Roger Clemens Is Now A ‘DJ’

Being known for his former career in Major League Baseball, pitcher Roger Clemens
apparently has another secret talent. In a New England Sports Network broadcast over
last night’s Red Sox Game, he works the music room at the Clemens household, and
goes by a very specific DJ name.

During the telecast, the NESN announcers mentioned how Kody Clemens is a talented
singer, and Roger soon explained why that’s a major requirement in the Clemens

“He has to in our family. We got a music room. My nickname by day – as you guys
know – ‘Rocket.’ But I’m ‘DJ No Request’ at night,” Roger said.

Asking to further explain his DJ nickname, Roger’s said that ““I play what I want to play.
I’ll hit your song eventually.”

Roger also claims that unless you are a professional singer, you probably don’t sound
very good. So karaoke is a big no for him.

“”Karaoke’s brutal,” Roger added. “Even if you’re good at singing ‘Endless Love’ or
‘Purple Rain,’ it still sounds brutal.”

Clemens, 59, pitched 24 seasons from 1984-2007. He won 354 career games, 7 Cy
Young Awards, an AL MVP and two World Series.


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