Roger Federer is a fashion designer now

We all know and love Roger Federer, the famous golfer who recently retired from the spotlight, or did he? Federer has recently created a collection of sporty clothing for Uniqlo with Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson. 

This collection should be available to everyone on August 28, 2023. Roger has done similar projects, such as in 2020, he released a sneaker designed by himself for the Swiss running brand, Culty. 

Since retiring last year, Roger has stayed busy, and he has picked up some new hobbies, such as playing percussion with Coldplay, making pizza with Scarr Pimentel in Dimes Square, and adding more fashion projects to his collection. This year was a big one as he inked his deal with Oliver Peoples to co-design sunglasses.  

Federer told British GQ, “Jonathan really liked going back to the nineties track pants,” Federer said. “He thought that this would be a really cool touch. And when he showed me, I was like, ‘Okay, this brings me back to my teenage years. So let’s do that.’”

“I’ve gotten a bit more casual for sure,” he said. “As you get older, you want to be younger again.”

Federer has loved fashion for a long time and has been interested in the industry long before now. GQ readers recently voted him in 2019 as the most stylish man of the decade. 

“I really enjoy it,” he said. “It’s like deep diving into a completely different world. It’s like the art world or the jewelry world, or the car world. The fashion world is the one I know a lot about. And I’ve gotten to know so many of the beautiful and best designers, so I’ve been very fortunate.”

The collection is very thought through and has taken “countless Zoom” meetings, as he told GQ.“Sometimes we would look at it and talk about it, and then we would be very happy, but then we still would make a lot of changes,” he recalled. “All these little details, in my mind, all make a difference in the end.”

With very thoughtful lambswool sweaters and a casual but classy Federer design, there is no way this would be anything less than excellent. Mark your calendars for August 28, 2023, because this will be a good one!


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