Video of the Month for April 2022

One of Adele’s top hits “Rolling in the Deep” reached 2 billion streams on YouTube last month. With this huge accomplishment, we honor this iconic, emotional video that pairs well with Adele’s eerie and gorgeous vocals. 

Years after it was first released, this song and video are adored by millions.

“The room full of glasses of water gently quaking to the bass drum heartbeat of ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ like Jurassic Park to the tenth power, was appropriately foreboding for what Adele’s 21 ended up being,” Billboard commented on “Roling in the Deep.” “A commercial behemoth the likes of which was supposed to have long gone extinct. It all starts here: Director Sam Brown capturing the once-in-a-generation vocalist at simultaneously her most vulnerable and her most powerful, unclear if the wreckage surrounding her is representative of her internal turmoil or a direct result of it.”

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