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Sale of Organic Food Skyrockets due to Pandemic

The global COVID pandemic has changed a lot about the world. One thing that has changed drastically is that people are more inclined to stay at home. This has forced people to cook more, leading to the increase of consumers buying more organic products to cook with and eat. Because of this, Americans are buying more organic products than they ever have.

According to a survey from the Organic Trade Association (OTA), American shoppers bought $56.5 billion worth of organic food in 2020. This is a 13% increase from 2019 and shows the effect that the pandemic has had on the food industry. The OTA only expects the sale of organic food to grow, as it is more cost efficient and healthier than eating out.

Laura Batcha, the CEO of the OTA, said, “The pandemic caused abrupt changes in all of our lives. We’ve been eating at home with our families, and often cooking three meals a day. Good, healthy food has never been more important, and consumers have increasingly sought out the Organic label.”

Shoppers are expected to continue their habits of grocery shopping and are becoming all-in on eating at home and making their own meals. Throughout the pandemic, many also began looking into online shopping, where you can place an order online at a grocery store and have it delivered to your home.

Organic food sales for fruits and vegetables topped $20.4 billion and made up for more than a third of total organic sales for the year. The sale of meat also went up by 25% last year, which is only expected to grow.

Batcha spoke about the increase in organic food sales post-pandemic, saying, “What’s come out of COVID is a renewed awareness of the importance of maintaining our health, and the important role of nutritious food. For more and more consumers, that means organic.”

If the pandemic has taught us anything about food, it’s that buying organic is a smart investment and it will continue to be a part of what we consume for years to come.




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