Samsung Bans ChatGPT for Employees

Samsung is restricting the use of AI tools such as ChatGPT for employees after the company discovered such services were being misused.

The South Korean technology company confirmed to CNBC that it is temporarily restricting the use of generative artificial intelligence tools through the company’s personal computers. 

A memo was issued by Samsung’s biggest divisions to employees at the end of April after there had been cases of misuse of the technology. 

Some staff had uploaded sensitive code to ChatGPT, according to Bloomberg on Tuesday.

ChatGPT is a viral AI chatbot trained on huge amounts of data and generates responses to user queries. It is a form of so-called generative AI.

Samsung does not have its own generative AI product yet. ChatGPT is developed by U.S. firm OpenAI which is backed by Microsoft. Other generative AI products include Bard by Google. Companies like Samsung have major concerns if employees have uploaded sensitive company data into foreign-owned services. This could lead to leaks of crucial information.

The technology company warned employees to take precautions when using ChatGPT and other products outside of work and advised them not to enter personal information or company-related information into the services. 

Samsung is one of several companies to restrict technology. The investment bank, JPMorgan restricted ChatGPT earlier this year and Amazon reportedly warned its employees not to upload confidential information and code to ChatGPT.

Companies are looking for ways to use generative AI capabilities in their businesses. ChatGPT can help engineers to generate computer code to speed up tasks and software developers like Goldman Sachs have been using AI to help generate code.

In light of the recent restrictions, Samsung is looking for alternate ways to include AI safely that will also enhance employee productivity and efficiency. 


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