San Francisco Police Blame ACLU for Frequent Robberies

The beginning of this year’s holiday shopping season has also marked the rise in looting and destruction in California. The police leaders in San Francisco are pointing fingers at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for an increase in “smash-and-grab” robberies.

The Police Union is having difficulty responding to reports of robberies, as laws and society have made it unnecessary to force people to take accountability for these offenses. In an interview with Emma Colton of Fox News, the Police Officers Association president said the ACLU is practically “rolling out the red carpet for criminals.” Knowing that they will face no jail time has made many stores and malls highly dangerous for people to take their families.

A group called the Los Angeles Police Protective League, along with several other police unions, have put together and supported the ACLU Watch website. The homepage of the site states, “We are dedicated to fighting for victim’s rights, accountability for criminals, and exposing those that defend the indefensible.” It goes on to list supported groups.

Though this is only a minor action, it demonstrates the frustration that many police groups are facing in keeping their communities safe with no cooperation from state leaders. These robberies can be anywhere from one and two participants, to mobs of dozens of armed people. Some of the larger groups have walked away with over $200,000 of merchandise. Despite the danger and property loss, the ACLU continues to argue for reduced bail and less accountability for criminals in other states throughout the country.


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