Fashion Designer of the Month for June 2020


Sandra Sandor is a Hungarian stylist and is the founder and creator of Nanushka, a Budapest brand.

The Russian word for grandmother, Nanushka, was Sandra’s nickname growing up. She had trouble pronouncing Sandi and would instead say “nani” which coined her nickname, Nanushka from her father.

Born and raised in Budapest, Sandra Sandor graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2005. Soon after, in 2006 she launched her own label Nanushka. In 2016 the brand took a more entrepreneurial approach when Peter Baldaszti, Sandra’s longtime partner, joined as a co-owner and CEO.

Sandra’s designs encapsulate everything including her love of nature and her Hungarian heritage. It results in designs that are simple, seniscal, and ethical while having a strong and dainty backbone silhouette which creates the symbolism of the modern day woman.

As founder of the brand, Sandra was asked “What does Nanushka mean to you?”

She said, “I founded Nanushka in 2006 after finishing my studies at London Fashion College. I was very excited about my final theme which was connected to the Bauhaus movement: ‘Form follows function’. This was a notion which quickly became the core of my designs.”

“I firmly believe that clothes should elevate you and not restrict you; I think women and men feel and look most beautiful/handsome when they’re at their most comfortable. It’s also very important to me to operate a sustainable business so that I may stick to my values that focus on cherishing and protecting our people and our planet.”

A signature style of confident ease and subtle femininity was evident from her first collection. Where East meets West, the brand draws inspiration from the spiritual journey through cultures and time, effortlessly combining function with flair. Nanushka delivers a modern, versatile, day to night wardrobe for the modern human with the aim of creating a new informal form of beauty.

It is hard to believe that Nanushka launched into NYFW in 2016 with the brand growing at a rapid pace and spreading internationally. All of this, though, was intentional as Sandra wanted to realign to “shape my world, figure out my ethos, and find my voice.”

Sandra Sandor is definitely a must watch creator who is still on the NYFW lineup.


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