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Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice – “False Confidence” (by Noah Kahan)


Sean and Kaycee are two wonderful dancers from the hit show “World of Dance” and in 2019 they released the video “False Confidence” by Noah Kahan which made another boom. The song “False Confidence” itself is looking to make people stop and have a true look at themselves instead of building themselves based on what other people want to see from them. About the idea of the song, Noah Kahan claims:

“I was seeing all these people on Instagram and online, these artists that were getting attention by looking the part and giving the world this processed version of themselves that fit the spectrum of what brings fans– dressing crazy, or having a vibe or a super crazy aesthetic and I just didn’t have that. I always struggle with social media and branding myself. I love writing songs and singing and I was always comparing myself to people who have great brands. It made me feel like I had to do the same thing to get success. So for a while, I felt like I was losing myself in trying to brand myself or trying to have an aesthetic and look a certain way instead of focusing on the music and what makes me, me. That idea planted the seed for the song.”

Absolutely, the idea has not only planted the seed of the song but also encouraged more people to thinking deeply about themselves. Sean is just one of them who considered “False Confidence” as a class for him and decided to choreograph the song. Under his video, he added the comment that:

“My greatest intention with this piece was creating an experience for two people that were pushed to act vulnerable and silly with each other to find a way to create a story based on their own relationship, either if they were close friends or strangers to each other. I started creating this piece in 2018 and kept changing ever since because it was mainly inspired by wanting to make people smile when they start dancing with each other. “false confidence” means to put on a mask that you’ve given yourself so that people can’t tell that you’re hurting inside. I wanted people to feel a certain way while watching this piece and understand that whenever you are trying to lift others up, always make sure that you take care of yourself as well and you never sacrifice your own emotions for the sake of other people. the right people will always come back to you and make you feel loved.”

In the creation of Sean, he moved the focus of “False Confidence” more towards “caring for yourself” and “do not ignore your own pain”. In the dance, Sean and Kaycee successfully showed how two people struggle and get through, at last, to make each other happy and laugh instead of just one. The idea of making funny faces in the dance is priceless since it may look stupid, but it shows us the simplest way to make the other one laugh which contributes to the idea that we don’t need to spend too much time on how to wrap ourselves as someone else to make other people care.

“False Confidence” is successful either as a song or as a dance. With Noah, Sean, and Kaycee making it impressive, it really encourages me to stop and relook at myself.  If you realize that you are not truly happy when you struggle so hard to be you according to other people’s desires, it is the time to get out of false confidence.



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