Second Act

“Every day you wake up and have a second chance” – Jennifer Lopez starring as (Maya)
Jennifer Lopez stars as Maya, a 40- year-old woman who is struggling with dissatisfaction from unsatisfying dreams. Maya has been working tirelessly for twelve years at a big box store in hopes of receiving the break she has been waiting for. Unfortunately, the executive job goes to the guy with an MBA, not the “street smart” woman with a GED. After hearing this news, her teenage godson creates an online persona that leads Maya to place a job opportunity in New York City on Madison Avenue.
Maya gets the opportunity to work on Madison Avenue to prove that “street smart” is just as important as “book smart”. Maya was able to take that second chance when it was presented to her just like the quote in the movie, “In life, we are given a second chance every day when we wake up, it is up to us on how we use that chance”. The second Act is such a motivational and inspirational movie that inspires people to reach for the best. I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie.


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