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Shakira’s She Wolf is No Match for Adam Levine

New The Voice judge and “Underneath Your Clothes” singer Shakira has slipped right into Christina Aguilera’s big red chair, and she also appears to have gotten under the skin of co-judge Adam Levine. The two came to some friendly blows this week as 35-year old Latina singer Karina Iglesias took to The Voice stage to perform a blind audition of “I’m The Only One.” The Miami-based singer caught the attention of Levine and Blake Shelton, but Shakira failed to turn her chair around, surprising herself as much as the audience. “What’s wrong with me?’ Why didn’t I press my button?,” she said, speaking over Lavine as he was trying to talk to Iglesias. The Maroon 5 frontman then turned to Shakira and said “shut up” in Spanish. What could have been taken as a rude gesture became super charming with the use of Shakira’s native tongue. What did the singer have to say in return? “OK, that was pretty cool.” We think so too!


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