Female Model of the Month October 2018

Supermodel Crystal Gomez is a Published International Model who has graced the runways of large-scale fashion events such as Bronx Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, FAAB Fashion Week and Fashion on the Hudson just to name a few. Crystal is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry and has graced the designs of Fashion Celebrity Designers John Ashford, Jason C. Peters and Franklin Rowe.  On her down time Crystal facilitates modeling classes for models of all ages and attributes her success to leading by example as a Professional Runway Coach, working woman and mom to her young daughter.  She embraces who she is, and it shows every time she slays the runway.  She does not shy away from hard work and does not conform to society’s norm but to her ideals of who she should be by empowering others through her love of fashion.

Crystal Gomez