Female Model of the Month September 2018

Natasha Roldan is a model and actress that was born and raised in the Bronx.  She is a proud Dominican and Puerto Rican who loves to connect to her roots and mainly does so by dancing.   She is currently a college student majoring in Criminal Justice.  She has graced the runways of numerous shows such as Bronx Fashion Week, In Defense of Glitter and Rainbows, Quincenera Expo, Latin Fashion Week and was part of many presentations of ALUNY.

Natasha started her ‘’natural hair journey’’ in 2016.  She has decided not to straighten her hair and embrace her natural curls.  Which in the fashion industry for some, can be an issue.  She has been in situations where designers have not worked with her because of her hair.  In this journey she has learned that not everyone is accepting when it comes to her hair that is not pin straight. However, while on this journey she has also learned to love herself and become a more confident in the women she is.  She is appreciative of Bronx Fashion Week for supporting her and allowing her to present herself as she is with her natural hair.

Natasha Roldan