Shooter at Brooklyn Subway Now Found and Arrested

On Tuesday morning in Brooklyn, a storm of bullets came rushing in, making all commuters flee out of the subways. Some commuters were shot at close range, but luckily, the suspect’s bad marksmanship allowed them to live a little longer. Although the suspect ran far, he was unable to hide as hero Zach Tahhan led the New York Police Department right to the criminal.

Zach Tahhan is a Syrian immigrant, a shop owner, and an artist. Having stayed in the United States for five years and speaking five languages, Tahhan worked as a security camera technician and saw Frank R. James appear on one of the security cameras near St. Marks Place and First Avenue in Manhattan’s East Village. He said, “I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is the guy, we need to get him.’ He was walking down the street, I see the car of the police, and I said, ‘Yo, this is the guy!”

After Tahhan spotted the criminal, he followed him in the street and warned others to keep their distance. The police received information that shooter Frank R. James has been spotted in a McDonald’s not too far from them. Tahhan’s attentiveness to the case brought a lot of attention on social media. Hashtags of #ThankYouZack popped up immensely where people shared photos and videos of Tahhan in the news. He is seen as a hero to many people in New York City.

In another interview, Francisco Puebla, the manager of the hardware and garden store, said that technically, he was the one who took action in this case. He hired Tahhan to upgrade the store’s security system. He did see James going by First Avenue but didn’t act because he was not sure if that person was the criminal. In addition to this, portrait painter Lee Vaso also contacted the police.

On Wednesday, James was arrested and will appear in federal court on Thursday. Investigators are researching why James decided to kill people. In one of his YouTube videos, he said that he wanted to kill people and watch them die right before his eyes. In the past, he was arrested many times in Newark, Philadelphia, and Chicago, but he never got convicted of anything that would prevent him from owning a gun.

James’s sister, Catherine James Robinson, said, “He’s been on his own all his life, and I haven’t had that much contact with him. He moves from city to city.”


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