Shop to You Drop?

As retail stores get hit the worse during this pandemic closure, it has been announced and granted by local government officials to reopen while still complying to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for COVID19 

The malls, department stores, retail stores and small business boutiques slowly reopen, though some still remain closed. After recently visiting a few local malls in the Chicago land area, not all stores are back open throughout the mall like others. Apple, Neiman Marcus, Nike and other retailers have yet to fully reopen all their locations. Although some stores are open, they are still not full service. Some stores are only doing curb side pick-up and contactless sales. 

Popular jewelry stores such as Tiffany’s and Pandora are partially open. What does partially open mean or look like? This means only limited services. Pandora is not cleaning jewelry, but they are recommending customers purchase their jewelry cleaner to take home. Tiffany’s is curbside pick-up only and online orders still. And other stores are not doing returns or exchanges to avoid cross contamination between customers. 

However, the new trend in the fashion stores as I saw located in the malls and shopping centers were the displayed hiring signs posted in their windows. Along with those hiring signs on the windows, big sale signs are also a thing! Every store also has new store hours posted on the doors, although some have yet to update their store hours online. 

As retailers are fighting to make a comeback and reopen, the same fully open and partially open stores are still having major sales and price drops online. Online sales are still a hot commodity seeing that not everyone feels it is safe to go back out yet. Sales and discounts have been up to 80% at the most online and in-store. Stores are especially trying to get rid of the winter and spring items to restock some summer, and soon fall, items. 

Face masks are required to enter retail stores, just like any other place of business, lines are out the door to safely practice social distancing while shopping, and less hours of service and limited service to protect workers and also customers.

But if you still don’t feel safe with the CDC guidelines and retail store guidelines for in-store shopping,  I am sure you won’t miss out if you choose to start or continue online shopping. The discount sales are like before online and by signing-up to become a member with your email online more perks and bonuses are given to you. Although delivery and packages are still a little delayed, you can order and pick-up in store as well.

Either way you prefer, there is still a bit of safer way to shop-til-you drop, while staying home!


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