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Should There be Age Limits for Politicians Holding Office?

Under the United States Constitution, the age requirement for federal office states that a candidate must be 35 years old to run for president, 30 to run for Senate, and 25 to run for the House. While there is a strict minimum age requirement, this brings up the conversation of whether a maximum age limit needs to be implemented. 

Recent studies show that President Biden, 79, is currently the oldest president in U.S. history after surpassing his predecessor, Donald Trump (elected at 70 years of age in 2016). Also, the current 117th Congress is the oldest it has been in two decades. 

Lately, there seems to be a growing belief that officeholders are far too disconnected from the values and ideas that our nation needs. It is common to see politicians using outdated methods and strategies that may have worked during the industrial era but can no longer serve the best interests of the current general public, especially the younger generations. 

As a member of Generation X, I notice that many lawmakers hold traditional values. While there is nothing wrong with differing opinions, it becomes an issue when the majority of offices hold the same belief systems. The United States prides itself on its diversity and inclusion, yet this is not reflected in the political sphere. 

With the rise in protection for minority groups, it is necessary to have representation when these laws are being discussed. By excluding these voices, you not only silence them but in fact create systems that are harmful to these groups. This was seen when the Tennessee House GOP expelled two young Democratic representatives after protesting a civil right. On the surface, this act was seen as a violation but it was really a demonstration of a generational clash. 

The political sphere needs to create systems with a balanced rotation of members to ensure the voices of the current public are being heard. The belief that younger generations lack the experience to run a country does not mean that they are incapable of acknowledging and creating solutions that can benefit us all.


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