Shows to Watch on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! In honor of Mother Earth, let’s discuss documentaries and programs that allow you to see beautiful scenery while also educating you on the planet.  

While both Blue Planet and Planet Earth were taken off Netflix, Our Planet is still available on the platform.  To be 100% transparent, I have watched every episode of Our Planet too many times to count.  With its beautiful imagery, much of which is unique to the show, and David Attenborough as the narrator, this show is perfect for when I am relaxing, studying, or even trying to fall asleep.  In addition to all of these great characteristics, each episode weaves in facts about endangered species as well as the depletion of natural landscapes like forests and grasslands, providing education in a way that I can actually enjoy and grasp.

Our Planet has eight episodes that are each about 48 to 53 minutes long, with every episode examining a different biome.  I would highly recommend either the “Forests” episode or the “Jungles” episode, but regardless of which you watch, they are all amazing. 

The programs appreciating our beautiful world and featuring David Attenborough don’t stop there.  Netflix also offers Our Planet Behind the Scenes, which is a documentary about the filming and making of Our Planet that is about an hour long.  Furthermore, they also offer David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, which focuses more specifically on David Attenborough and his involvement with the scientific study of nature. 

If all of these leave you wanting more, I definitely do suggest Planet Earth and Blue Planet, although those aren’t available on Netflix.  

However you decide to celebrate Earth Day, I highly recommend incorporating these shows somewhere into your day or evening.


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