Signs That Your Makeup Products Have Gone Bad

Chances are that in your makeup drawer right now, there is no doubt at least one product that has been sitting there for at least 5 years that you still haven’t thrown out. For the higher price point of some luxury products, it makes sense that it’s harder to part with that $30 mascara after only a few months. While a lot of cosmetic items will most likely be fine to use after the expiration date, some can form bacteria more easily the longer you wait, possibly leading to infections on your skin or eyes. 

The expiration date of almost all makeup items should be clearly visible on the product or the outer packaging, with an image of a small container with a number followed by “M,” with the M standing for how many months until its expiration. Mascaras tend to have the shortest shelf life, with most saying 3M or 6M, meaning that you should be purchasing a new tube at least twice a year in order to prevent eye irritation or worse, styes and eye infections. A change in consistency is the biggest sign that it is time to throw out that foundation or concealer, with expiration dates usually hovering around one year. Healthline shared that using expired face makeup could lead to acne and rashes due to the risk of oil in the products turning rancid. If the products become either too dry or clump, clean out your makeup bag and head to Sephora. 

Lip sticks, eye shadows, and pencil eyeliners tend to last the longest, with experts recommending that you toss them after 2-3 years. However, general discoloration or a change in smell within any makeup item is a sign that it is no longer the safest to use. However, despite all these warnings, I am still someone that refuses to throw out my $24 Fenty Beauty mascara after six months unless it is completely clumping, and my Urban Decay Naked palette from 8 years ago may still make an appearance on a Friday night. 


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