Some Practices That You Can Add to Your Morning Routines to Make Your Days Better

The way you start your morning, the way you start your day will help to determine how your day will end up going. It’s why we have sayings such as “someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” and “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” They both allude to the same idea: that if you want to seize the day, you should start off on good footing. So, I’m here to offer up some practices you can add to you morning routine in order to start your days off better.

We all should have a morning routine, one that would make us excited to hop out of bed when we wake up. One idea for your morning routine is to exercise. A good workout in the morning can help you feel accomplished before you’ve even truly embarked on your day yet. This feeling of accomplishment can help give you the confidence needed to face your tasks for the day head on. I would suggest working out, then taking a nice refreshing shower and then eating a good and fulfilling breakfast to charge you up for the day.

Another thing you can do, if you don’t enjoy sweating and rigorous physical activity in your mornings is adding yoga and meditation to your morning routine. Stretching through yoga can help you to loosen your body’s tension and help you feel great for the day. It allows for your body to be less stiff, which can only worsen as the day goes on and you tackle your daily tasks, so it is hugely beneficial to you and your day. Whereas yoga helps to ease your body, meditation, or just doing breathing techniques, will help to ease your mind. I think this is hugely important for you to do before you get your day started. Putting your mind, yourself at ease at the start of the day is good way to instill peace within you so that if things happen you can still keep peace of mind and be less stress.

You don’t need to make a commitment to this practices though, if you feel as if you might not be able to do that faithfully. You can make little changes like staying off of social media, particularly Twitter, in your mornings. I would say to stay off your phone in general in the morning, but I know a lot of people, including myself, use their phones to check their emails in the morning which is something you might need to do for your job. You could also start drinking tea in the morning and eating fruits with your breakfast. You can have a set time to wake up every morning and also a set time to go to sleep so that your sleep schedule will feel natural and you’ll wake up more refreshed.


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