All of us could use some motivation and inspiration every once in a while, something that would actually make us want to get up and finally start that diet that we’ve been telling ourselves we would start “next Monday.” Well, the newest form of exercise is here and I think this one might be around for a while. Soul Cycle is a 45- minute indoor cycling class that features high-intensity cardio muscle-sculpting strength training, and rhythm-based choreography. It is a New York City-based fitness company with studios that have now spread into 9 different U.S states. According to the soul cycle creators, “it’s so much more than just a workout — it’s a powerful mind-body experience.” Soul Cycle is the new Zumba, a group atmosphere with a one of a kind playlist, unbeatable. It’s time to scratch that diet you’ve been thinking about and instead time to start a change in your lifestyle, and soul cycle seems to be that start.


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