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Stacey Abrams Group Donates $1.34 Million to Wipe Medical Debts

Democratic titan Stacey Abrams’ political organization is branching out into paying off medical debts. According to The Associated Press, the Fair Fight Political Action Committee on Wednesday said they have donated $1.34 million from its political action committee to the nonprofit organization RIP Medical Debt to wipe out debt with a face value of $212 million that is owed by 108,000 people in Georgia, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. 

CEO of allied group Fair Fight Action and senior adviser to the PAC, Lauren Groh-Wargo, said paying off medical debt is another facet of the group’s advocacy seeking expansion of Medicaid coverage in the 12 states that have refused to expand the health insurance to all poorer adults. “What is so important about this is the tie between Medicaid expansion and just crushing medical debt,” Groh-Wargo said. Of the targeted states, Arizona and Louisiana have expanded Medicaid. 

Letters will be sent to those whose debts have been absolved to notify them, said Fair Fight. According to AP News, the purchase will forgive the debt of nearly 69,000 people in Georgia, more than 27,000 people in Arizona, more than 8,000 people in Louisiana, and about 2,000 people apiece in Mississippi and Alabama. Since Abrams founded it after her 2018 loss in the Georgia governor’s race, the group has raised more than $100 million. While the group has been more noted for its advocacy of voting rights, they’ve also been pushing for broader health care.  


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